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For You Know Not The Hour

Whether you want to hone your existing skills or learn something completely new, 540 Defense can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.
As qualified instructors, our personalized lessons and services have helped people of all backgrounds and skill level achieve greater understanding and expertise.


540 Defense, located in North-Central West Virginia, trains individuals and communities in the safe and ethical use of firearms, edged weapons, combative skills, and traumatic medical emergency care for the defense of themselves and their family.
We believe in a well-rounded approach that teaches students how to make good decisions in a high stress environment so they can more effectively fight and apply emergency medical aid to save lives.
If you want to become better prepared to handle life threatening situations from vehicle accidents to defensive use of force encounters, come train with us!
There are classes for everyone, ranging from the seasoned shooter to the person who is looking for more information on how to safely handle and use their first firearm to those that want to know how to properly use a tourniquet.
Train to become your own first-responder, for you know not the hour...

Handgun and  Ammunition

Firearms Instruction

Basic and Advanced Firearms Courses, Self-Defense, Home-Defense, Private Lessons, & More

Boxing Match Winner

Combatives Instruction

Edged Weapons, Self-Defense, Kickboxing, Private Lessons, & More

Medicine Kit

Medical Instruction

Traumatic Emergency Medical Care Courses, Private Lessons, & More


Student Feedback

Would you like to join the ranks of satisfied clients?

"Had a BLAST today at the Ladies Only Intro to Handguns with 540 Defense!

Thank you for always putting on great classes and continuing to help others!

Check out their Facebook page and give them a LIKE! Then go check out their class schedule!"

Micki Pauley


Grafton, WV


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