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Mike has recently thrown his hat into the firearms instruction arena after spending the last 15yrs training, competing, and coaching fighters in the combat sports world. Though his firearms instructor career is just starting (teaching for 7yrs) he brings a wealth of knowledge to his students. Mike is of the mindset that the teacher is forever a student and continually seeks out the best instructors in the country to train with and brings those lessons home to his students.


Mike has trained with and learned from former members of Delta Force, US Navy Seals, US Army Rangers, Russian Spetsnaz, and various US Police and SWAT teams across the country. Some of the more notable places and instructors he’s trained with are: Scott Jedlinski (Modern Samurai Project), Jay Wadsworth (Effective Fitness Combatives), Sonny Puzikas (Forward Training Concepts), Jared Wihongi (Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association) Pat McNamara (TMACS Inc), John Lovell (Warrior Poet Society), Jon "Mochabear" Dufresne (Kinetic Consulting), Reid Henrichs (Valor Ridge), James Yeager (Tactical Response), Jay Gibson (Tactical Response), J.R. Grounds (MALC Training Institute), James Gibson (MALC Training Institute), Kenneth Bigbee Jr (MALC Training Institute), Aaron Barruga (Guerilla Approach), Zach Bush (Definitive Training Solutions), and more...


The bottom line is that Mike has spent hundreds of hours traveling the country and learning from the best so that he could collect and condense all that knowledge into one place locally and provide the best possible training to his students.

West Virginia Law Enforcement Training

LEO Only Classes began in Feb 2020

Mike has trained officers from the following WV departments/offices:

Marion County Sheriff's Dept.

Fairmont Police Dept.

South Charleston Police Dept.

Barboursville Police Dept.

Hancock County Sheriff's Office

Ritchie County Sheriff's Office

Moundsville Police Dept.

Kingwood Police Dept.

Lewis County Sheriff's Office

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