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The Truth (Force on Force)



Location of course is a private range near Clarksburg , WV. Directions to the range will be sent by email after purchase.

The Truth (Force on Force)

  • The Truth

    In this course you will have the opportunity to vet your gear, skills, tactics, and mindset in several force on force scenarios during this one day class. You will have to make real time decisions that affect how each scenario will play out and how you and those around you come out on the other side.

    The goal of this course is to put you in as many situations as possible where your problem solving, decision making, and weapons manipulation skills are tested to see how you will react. What you think you will do now, and what you actually do in the moment may be two different things and this course aims to give you as many "free" gunfights as possible so that you know what response you have conditioned and how well you execute it.

    The stress in these encounters will not be at the same level as a real life encounter, however it is as close to it as you can get without actually getting in a gunfight. If you have trained and practiced the lessons learned in your training and wondered “How would I do in a real encounter?” this is the class for you! You will find out where your line in the sand is, what you will do, and the consequences (good & bad) of your actions. Discover the Truth about yourself and defensive encounters.

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