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Intro to Modern Handgun



Location of course is a private range near Clarksburg, WV. Directions to the range will be sent by email after purchase.

Intro to Modern Handgun

  • If you are thinking about purchasing a pistol but not sure about the type, caliber, concealability, or your ability to shoot it, then this class is definitely for you! Basic firearms safety and safe gun handling will be covered and practiced thorughout the course. In this class we give you the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting and allow you to try out several different modern handguns. This is a perfect opportunity to “try before you buy” and figure out what pistols you shoot well and why. Many people purchase a pistol because it feels good in their hand at the dealer’s shop. That is like sitting in a car, going “vroom vroom” in the dealership parking lot and making a purchasing decision based on how that felt. We typically wouldn’t buy anything based on so little information, why would you for a tool that one day could be used to save you or your family’s life?

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